Sunday, October 11, 2009

The apple is finally ripe

The first time we met he looked at me and said in his yet to be manly voice:

"Hi, I'm Chris. Pleased to meet you."

His name could've been Dick; I was just so happy to see a friendly face that could speak. We were 14 and just started high school. Add to the fact that my family had recently moved to this town and you have a recipe for desperately seeking acceptance and fitting in. Isn't that what all 14 year olds want? To be part of the group. I was new and didn't fit in. I didn't belong anywhere. Except with Chris.

He didn't mind my unflattering uniform, my awkward movements to hide my boobs from drooling boys (I didn't know any better back then), my love for all feminist and strong female writers while we both shared a hatred for our pimpled faces. He quit playing rugby and football during breaks with the boys to sit with me in the shade of the oak tree and share sandwiches. He'd eat the one half of my peanut butter and syrup and I his tuna and onion. After a while we discovered the onion wasn't such a good call as one can only hold a fart for so long.

Year after year we would hold our breath hoping to be in the same class again and was never disappointed. Year after year we'd find a way to sit next to each other; ways that often included bribing others with lunch money. We could've been brilliant politicians.

I would cry on his shoulder when a crush didn't want to return the courtesy and he'd make me feel better by threatening to rearrange the boy's face. Whenever the girl who was the 'love of his life' didn't return the favor, I'd comfort him with bad impressions of Girls just wanna have fun (replacing the girls with boys) by Cyndi Lauper and I wanna rock and roll all night by Kiss. He preferred the latter. I'm not sure why.

And now it feels like we have come full circle. It had to be now and not last week or last month or last year. The time wasn't right. We weren't right.
Our first official date was on Friday night. It felt strange to dress up for my best friend, but Mary hasn't claimed her little lamb yet and it went rabid when he gave me a lingering kiss at the door. Our hands found each other like the ocean finds the beach and it felt ... good.

At least there was no struggle finding appropriate subjects to talk about during supper and my usual I just have to go powder my nose excuse while I sat in the bathroom for about eleven minutes reading blogs was laid to rest for the night.

I think this was the first successful date Mom hasn't sent me on.


AlpHa Buttonpusher said...

You just might be onto something here:)

Anonymous said...

What a great story. This is my kind of morning read.

Sometimes there's a reluctance to change friendships for fear of what will happen - it's great to see that maybe this one can change for the better, maybe?

Sharon McPherson: AUTHOR / ARTIST said...

Pity, I never had a school girl/boy union: My nose was always stuck in a bloody book. 'Those darn books!'

But Boy, when those hormones kicked in ... I had a shotgun wedding at 18 years old.

Ed Adams said...


I told ya. This is what you should have been chasing all along.

It's about time.

Jenno said...

No joke it's about damn time :) Yay! I happy for you. :)

Possum said...

This is just the best thing I've heard in a while - in fact I lie - its the second good thing I've heard today.
Let's hope good things come in three's as well!
(Bwahahahaha @the onion and the fart!!!!)

Sally-Sal said...

Ladytruth, this is one badass story! Chris sounds not only fucking brilliant (for picking you) but absolutely wonderful.

Judearoo said...

Aw honey! Am getting those gorgeous tingly 'this-might-just-be-amazing' vibes from here - a hemisphere away!

So so happy for you, lovely girl!! x

Hannah Miet said...

Great story, And...YAY.

omchelsea said...


koe whitton-williams said...

so this is very cool - except - you know - i was sort of hoping to read about 5 more hilariously funny dates. Not really. Love is better.

erin said...

Wonderful wonderful wonderful!
I feel like I've been in love with my best friend my whole life. It just took us almost 10 years after meeting to get to spend the rest of our lives together. I'm hoping for the same happiness for you and Dick.

Gorilla Bananas said...

Maybe you've already been dating but just didn't realise it.

ladytruth said...

AlpHa B: I'm curious to find out what ;)

Matthew: this time difference makes me feel tired; you were reading this in the morning when I was getting ready for bed. It's like you see and feel everything first :)

Sharon: you sure made up for lost time right there!

Ed: I prefer the term 'hunt'; it sounds much more primitive and sexy ;)

Jenno: we'll just have to wait and see where this one is going

Possum: maybe you should go play the lotto for happy news #3? :)

Sally-Sal: since I had to blow Dean off (he has to focus on saving the world and all) Chris stepped up to the plate and claimed his position wholeheartedly :)

Judearoo: I'm sending some of these vibes your way in the hope of you getting someone like him to brighten your life ;)

Hannah: thank you; don't want to feel too excited as I'm afraid it might ruin things. Silly, I know.

chelsea: your picture just never gets old. You should wear a wedding dress every day :)

KWW: funny how things work out sometimes. I'm just glad the torture is semi over!

erin: it's the same with Chris and I. It worked out great for you and Jeremiah; hopefully we'll have the same thing, but I think I'm a bit behind on the children front ;)

ladytruth said...

Gorilla B: well ... we never made out at various locations, he never grabbed my ass in a moment of passion and we only slept together ... eh ... once. We were just best, best friends. How does dating work in the world of the gorilla?

Sami said...

OMG, what a lovely story you've got going on here... :D You could be on to something totally, completely awesome!!

mo.stoneskin said...

I almost, almost cried.



Dan. said...

Good stuff LT. May I ask, does Chris know about him being on the blog?

Wish you all the best in this, and I'm hoping for a happy ending.

Maryx said...

OMG I'm SO happy for you sweetie!!!! This is so meant to be... sounds like a classic boy & girl fairytale... and the best is you know each other SO well. And for so long.. And you deeply care for each other.

Just be careful not to move too fast. Nothing is ever for certain. I'm so excited to hear more!!!! =D

otherworldlyone said...

I'm so fucking EXCITED for you right now! And what a story. Ah! Lurve.

P.S. - You are beautiful, smart, funny, and STILL my sister from another mister. ;)

Danya A. said...

That is so friggin adorable. I'm dying to hear what happens next.
Thanks for following my blog as well! =]
p.s. can't tell you how long it took to stop laughing at the buck toothed dick photo.

Shaunak said...

Best friends do make really good partners. I've dated my best friend for quite sometime before we parted ways. But we're still the best of friends.
Difficult to keep our hands off each other though.
Good luck! :~)

ladytruth said...

Sami: it better be. I'm not blowing off my amazing single status for nothing

mo: it's alright, don't cry. I'll hunt down that puddle-kicking amateur and beat him up like Rocky is my papa.

Dan: Chris knows ABOUT the blog, but not necessarily the CONTENT of it. Well, not yet, I suppose :)

Maryx: that's for bloody sure. Until then I'm putting a disprin between my legs until that factory is open for business. Good idea, yes?

OWO: thanks :) It still seems a bit unreal, but I'm sure it'll kick in when he leaves my house with a huge chunk out of his ass for sleeping on my dogs' side of the bed. Kodak moment for sure ;)

Danya A: I'm dying to find out what happens next as well. As for Bucky my mole-rat? He was my first pet :)

Shaunak: I think Chris is the one who needs the good luck wishes; giving up the charms and perks of single status better be worth it!

From the O-Zone said...


I wonder if the same thing is going to happen to me with one of my best friends who used to be my lover but is sending signals again.

Mark said...

The best long term romantic relationship I ever had was with a person who was my best friend first.

Trinity said...

Well, I am mostly worried about your mother. What will she do with all of these extra dates she had lined up?

Otherwise I am with the group on this and am just super pumped that it is working out.

mysterg said...

ladytruth and Chris up a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

Tennyson ee Hemingway said...

Awwwweeeesommmme! You are going for it! I'm so proud.

Maryx said...

Perfect! Other than that... go for it!

Judearoo said...

Darling Girl! Something for you over on ma blog! :)

Leah Rubin said...

That's lovely! Good to hear this went well-- hope for more in the future!

Constructive Attitude said...

is chris ur friend that always goes with u to dates, if so, then i KNEW IT. if not, um yeah well ok.

staceyjwarner said...

YAY! So happy for you...

can't wait to hear more...sorry I'm a bit behind...there is no excuse...


Anonymous said...

Lovely post...seems like great things are in store for you :)

Would love to know how things go :D

Tom Bailey said...

You have a very fun to read blog.

This is my first visit.

Best regards

Jeve (aka John and Steve) said...

That's so good. I love the line about the beach and ocean. Very well said and I'm so happy for you!

Lola Lakely said...

I could have sworn I commented on this already but I look and I didn't. Shame on Lola! Can you ever forgive this naughty redhead who obviously should have put commented on your blog first, since this entry is touching. How come you actually, almost make my very cynical heart beat just a tad bit faster? I loved this story and am so very happy for you. Please, keep as voyeurs posted!

Mrs. Cullen said...

omg! cuteeeeee story. please keep us posted!!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I can't wait to hear what happens next! It's really nice having a date with a friend with whom you can talk about practically anything.^^

Eric said...

Congrats! We'll understand if you stop some aspects of the dating blog-o-thon then. :)

ladytruth said...

O-Zone: you'll never know unless you give it a try, right?

Mark: I've never had a long term relationship unless you see three weeks as long term, so we're hoping for the best over here :)

Trinity: I've already pushed some other single girlfriends of mine to the front of the dating row. Problem solved!

mysterg: I've never climbed a tree and Chris has a terrible fear of hights, but I appreciate the sentiment ;)

Tennyson: if this does work out I hope we'll be just as a lovely couple than you and lady Hem. You're relationship deserve that huge awesome, my friend.

Maryx: it might not be perfect every day thanks to me and my wonderful moods and needs, but then again what relationship is, right?

Judearoo: you spoil me :)

Leah: I'll try not to bore everyone too much with gooey relationship posts, but happiness should be shared I think ;)

Constructive A: yes, he was the muscle on my dates. So you knew it then!

staceyjwarner: my life is like a Russian novel anyway so you can't be too behind :)

kasabiangirl: thank you :) I'm also quite curious to see how things turn out; keeping my fingers and toes crossed that it goes well

Tom Bailey: welcome and thanks! We try to keep things interesting and fun around here cause life can be so serious at times. Hope to see you around again.

Jeve: you guys are in the parent phase already so don't be amazed when I knock on your door for some advice since it seems like you have the ingredients for a great relationship down already :)

Lola: being naughty comes with the red hair anyway so you're forgiven on the spot!

Mrs Cullen: will do, but only since you insisted ;)

Sashindoubutsu: it does take away some of the awkward silences and helps create a great, relaxed atmosphere. No pressure which is a good thing since I start babbling when I don't know what to say and risk looking like a talkaholic, you know what I mean?

Eric: it takes away some of the expectation and stress, I have to say. Now I don't have to lie so much when going on a date, but that's a post for another time ;)

f8hasit said...

I absolutely loved this post!
Especially the last line....

"this is the best date my mother didn't send me on."