Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Men are bachelors, woman are desperate

I went to my friend yesterday for some cake (which I had to buy!) and coffee and a good old bitch session. She had a baby recently and is now the proud mother of two beautiful girls. Sometimes I wonder why we're friends because we're so very different. The only thing we probably have in common is our age and the fact that we're both women.

My mom heard about my visit and phoned me just as I got home, asking questions about my friend's baby while doing the whole "aw, that's so sweet!" and just basically cooing along. I didn't have to wait very long for the dreaded question:
"So how's your love life going? Met anyone special yet? You're not getting any younger, angel cakes."

When men sleep around, they are called popular. When woman sleep around, they are called sluts. When men aren't married at a certain age they are called bachelors. When women aren't married at a certain age they are called desperate. My mom thinks we have reached desperate times now.

Well, I met someone over the weekend, actually. I went for my usual cocktail at my usual place and ended up with a bottle of wine sent over "from the gentlemen at table 15, miss." It was accompanied by a note saying:
"Nice to see you again.
You haven't changed a bit: still as gorgeous as ever.
Can you still run very fast?
A friend from the past."

Now one thing that HAS changed is the fact that I have a past drenched with a few slaughtered relationships and I was wondering if he was a victim that has swallowed a big-boy-pill and did the whole forgive-and-forget-let's-get-it-on-again or if he knows me from when I was still an innocent in diapers?

Turned out to be the latter. He used to chase me around the playground trying to look under my skirt when we were 5. I wondered if he still does that and smiled at the prospect of finding out.

I haven't told my mom about him yet as I don't want her to waste money on booking a wedding venue like she did with my last Mr. Right Now three weeks back. I guess it's just her way of showing she still cares or maybe it's her way of trying to fit in with her girlfriends who are grandmothers already. Poor Mom!

I'm off to chat to Chris again; I sent him a little care package to make him feel better after the break up and he loved it. BIG smile :) Maybe I should've put on my nurse's outfit and tried to "heal his heart." Nah, that would just be awkward, right!


otherworldlyone said...

Oh, you only went and brought up one of the few arguments in this world I get realllllly pissy about! After all the progress we've (women)made over the past few decades, there's still that ridiculous double standard.

I'd like to throw out the number of people I've slept with, like men so often do, and not be called a slut. Unfortunately, I doubt that'll be possible in my lifetime.

So for now, I'll just continue screwing them all and smiling to myself.

Thanks for commenting on my blog. =)

ladytruth said...

Lol! I feel like yelling VIVA with my fist pumping in the air like a good old feminist after your comment. And why not? Sex is to be enjoyed and explored by both parties and you really do need to first find your true sense of sexuality before settling down, someday people will actually realize that. Until then, yeah, I agree: screw them all :)

rubbish said...

I think you'll find the nurses outfit will suffice.

Gorilla Bananas said...

He recognised you from when you were 5? That's amazing. I think you should seriously consider marrying the man.

ladytruth said...

Hehehe! Gorilla Bananas: my mom stayed in touch with his parents when we moved away, so I think she gave him a heads up on my single status when he came to town :)
Rubbish: I think Chris is so blinded by his "undying" love for the ex that he wouldn't even notice if I were to be naked sucking a lollipop on his couch ;)